Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final Project, Continued.


I have created the skeleton site for our classroom website. (That basically means that it has all the pages created, but it doesn't have any of the information yet. You're going to take care of that!)

Please check out the site and let me know what you think. It's pretty simple.

Cascades 8 Social Studies Website

Now. On to the rest of the schedule.

Here is a brief schedule of what we will be doing in social studies for the rest of your middle school career:

(Click to enlarge)
Please use this schedule as a guide to social studies class for the rest of the year.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Resources for Final Project

Make sure you use the sources provided here and you note where you got your information. Remember: You only need to CITE the sources you actually use!

If you are having trouble finding enough information, make sure you let Mrs. Patterson know over the weekend so I can find you some more! Just leave a comment on this post, or email me at:

mrs.meri.patterson (at) gmail (dot) com
(I can't type it all the way out or it won't show up)

The PLAN for today/this weekend

Today in class, and over the weekend, please work on creating a map. Your map will illustrate your topic in some way. I want you to be creative, and you may use either Paint or paper/colors. I would prefer that you use paper (I can scan them in when it's time to put your websites online) but you have that choice.

Please contact me if you need ideas about what to put on your map. Your map must include:

1. Color-coding of some sort
2. A key
3. A compass rose
4. Labeling of important landmarks (states, rivers, etc)

I will collect your maps at the beginning of class on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Morse code/Telegraph

Unidentified soldiers



Soldiers/Preparing for battle



Nursing/Red Cross/Clara Barton

Minie Ball/Weapons





Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HW due May 25

Today (Tuesday) we will watch the Civil War section of America: The Story of Us.

For homework please write the following for me:

Write a two-paragraph response to today's video. Talk about the things you learned and things you'd like to learn more about.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Nation at War

Please work alone or with a partner to answer these questions in Chapter 21. If you work with a partner, you EACH must turn in your own work and write in your OWN words.

Ch. 21. 3
What did the north like about the Missouri Compromise? What about the south?

Ch. 21.4
Why were southerners fearful of abolitionists? How did Mississippi try to keep abolitionists out of the state?


Use the word FUGITIVE in a sentence to describe the Underground Railroad.

What was the argument between north and south about accepting California as a state?

Ch. 21.5
Create a T Chart to explain the "Compromise" between north and south in 1850.

Ch. 21.6
Describe two components of the Fugitive Slave Law.

What facts prove that the north did not support Fugitive Slave Laws?

In your own words, describe the “Dred Scott” case:

(As a sidenote, Dred Scott lived and is buried in St. Louis, Missouri where I am from. I visited his gravesite for a project in high school.)

Ch. 21.7
What two “bombshell” facts prevented Dred Scott the right to sue for his freedom.

Ch. 21.8
Analyze the 1860 Presidential results to answer the next two questions.

How many votes did Abraham Lincoln receive from ALL southern states?

Explain how the 1860 election results confirm split between the north & south?

Ch. 21.9

How did the election of Lincoln force South Carolina and the rest of the south to secede?

Browse this website. The articles were created by 8th grade students. I love how they are written in the students' voices. Even though there are some mis-spellings, you can tell they were written by the students. You will be working on a similar project where you will become an expert on a topic in the next few weeks.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summarizing Documents

This week while some of your classmates are finishing up testing, we will learn a little more about how to summarize a document. Going over your papers, I realize that we need to work on strategies for putting information in your own words. Here is a link to a document we will be summarizing together in class Tuesday May 17.

Abraham Lincoln Biography

After we work on this together, we will work through a variety of other documents with a partner.

Your papers (final drafts) will be due this week. I want to give you one more day in the classroom to finish your final drafts. The papers will be due AT THE END OF CLASS ON THIS THURSDAY. Please plan accordingly. The testing should be over by then, and this will give you time to finish typing in class on Thursday. We might have some time to work on editing on Wednesday of this week, so make sure you are carrying around your rough draft with you (once I give it back!) so you can work on it at any available opportunity.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Your next assignment --

Will be to write a 1-2 page paper. It should be at least 3 paragraphs long. You will choose one of the topics from the list below and write an essay on the question you choose. Everyone will be writing the same length essay, but you will be writing on different topics. I will provide a packet of sources for each topic. Here are your topics:

1. Did Lincoln put an end to slavery? What did he do?


2. How did conditions during the Civil War effect everyday people?


3. Why did abolitionists want to put an end to slavery?


4. Read one of the books I have to choose from. How does that book portray slavery or war? (If you are interested in reading a book and choosing this essay option, see me for book availability.)
Each essay must have a "works cited" page, just like the other research paper we wrote. Remember, you can get to the "citation machine" from the "assignments" folder in Mr. Rideout's folder.
All of these documents can also be found in Mr. Rideout's folder/Period_00/assignments/Mrs.Patterson/Essay
Due Dates and Expectations

Monday May 9 -- Pick your topic, begin research/note-taking

Tuesday May 10 -- Continue note-taking/start outline

Wednesday May 11 -- Turn in outline at beginning of class. Begin working on rough draft

Thursday May 12 -- Peer editing. By the end of today's class make sure you have edited a classmate's paper

Friday May 13 -- Take your classmate's notes and suggestions into account while you begin your final draft. Turn in your rough drafts with classmate comments to Mr. Rideout by the end of the class period (I will not be in class this day)

Monday May 16 -- Last class day to work on final drafts

Tuesday May 17 -- Final papers due at beginning of class

I will be giving you grades for the following:

- Outline turned in on time (5/11)
- Rough draft turned in on time (5/13)
- Peer edits done on a classmate's paper (5/12)
- Final paper turned in on time (5/17)

**If you seem to be falling behind this schedule, please make sure you take your work home and talk to me about your concerns!**

**If you are ahead of schedule, please work ahead on the timeline. I would rather have you work hard at the beginning and get done with your research early so you have more time edit your final draft!**